Reaper of Immortals is a 2D pixel art adventure game, that tells the story of a lost reaper who is seeking his true purpose. Fight your way through the hordes of enemies, reap everything that stands in your way, and find out the ultimate truth.

- 4 worlds, each with unique atmosphere.
- 16 challenging levels.
- 9 boss battles with different mechanics.
- 20 plus types of enemies.
- Thrilling adventure with unique characters and story telling.
- Controller support.
- Made by a single developer, who put his heart and soul into making the game.

The game is about 3-4 hours long, all the levels can be replayed in order to look for missed chests, NPCs dialogues, hidden paths, Easter Eggs or for the sake of different play style. Towards the end of the game the player will face a dire choice, which will impact the conclusion of the story and the fate of the world.

In a world ravaged by conflicts, wars and agony, where kingdoms have fallen and cities were burned, in the aftermath of the great war the mortals races struggle to rebuild what was lost, reshape what was destroyed. Amidst that chaos from the deep of agony and despair, an unknown reaper emerged, ignited by the holy flame, lost and obscured, the reaper had to search for answers, why is here? who is he? and what is his purpose? rejected by everyone and everything, as if the world itself is fighting him, the reaper had no choice but to push forward, and no one will stop him, that until he finds the truth.

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Developer: Abaddon Games