Thief’s Shelter is a 3D Point & Click hybrid storytelling game.
Take up the role of Detective James as you try to uncover a mysterious criminal's hidden identity. Reveal deep and disturbing secrets, solve unique puzzles and bring the schemes of a dark Cult to light.

Story Summary

Timeline: England 1965-1980 Detective James, a man suffering from dementia, is moving in to a new area, in order to investigate a murder at Highburn Street.
The game explores the depths of dementia, James’ character and his past, as well as the cult Red Order and their connection with the protagonist's life.
Worth noted, the fact that the person behind the murder, is a wanted thief with a well known signature. The events will lead the protagonist to investigate a whole mansion alone.
This is not going to be a normal investigation nor a peaceful night for James, which will result in many hallucinations and big reveals for him.


Linear Story Driven Campaign. Our goal is to deliver an emotional journey that will be memorable to the players
3D Audio. One of the biggest reasons to wear headphones
Volumetric Lighting. Spooky atmosphere with dynamic lighting, realistic reflections and shadows
Inventory Management. Collect useful tools or items throughout your journey
Visual Effects and paranormal events that add up more to the experience
Horror Elements. It wouldn't be a dark story without the "Fear" factor