Restless Hero

pixel art dungeon adventure

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The story takes place in Middle age also known as “Dark Age,” the time of plague, witch-hunt and church authority. You take a role as a hunter named Rick. His beloved wife Rose get’s accused of witchcraft and taken away for an execution by the church inquisition. In an attempt to protect your wife you get taken away to a dungeon prison where you try to escape to find and save your wife.

In the dungeon you meet a witch named Amelia who saves you from dying and offers you help to find a way out. You can find items on certain levels that give you a hint on the mystery of what is happening. Moreover there are crucial dialogs with the choice of action that influence the story ending. The idea behind that is involving a player to investigate a mystery behind the situation that the main character got into.

Available for: Xbox One, Windows 10

Available for: PC, Mac OS, Linux

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Who we are?

We are a small indie game development studio located in Kyiv, Ukraine. We want to create fun and challenging gameplay. We want to both tug at your heartstrings and delight you with levity and charm. Let's play!

The Team

Ihor Denysenko

Game making enthusiast. Unity engine professional and programmer. Ihor has more than 3 years in game designing and game making for mobile and PC platforms.

Andriy Davidyuk

Game making enthusiast. Qualified in game design and business. Responsible for pixel art assets, level design and controls. Unity engine developer.


Q: Can I stream or create Restless Hero videos?

A: You sure can – we love it when you do! Restless Corp grants free license – to game owners and press – to use Restless Corp in the creation and publishing (or streaming) of original media content, including reviews, gameplay videos and Let’s Plays. Restless Corp also grants free license to content creators to monetise these works, whether through advertising, stream donations, or otherwise.

Q: What do you use to make games?

A: We use Unity to build games for all platforms, utilising assets like TextMesh Pro from the asset store. Almost all the art assets from the games, including animations, were drawn in Photoshop. Music was found on some creative common web resources like Freesound.

Q: Why Launch on Pc and Xbox One?

A: We are launching Restless Hero for Windows and Xbox first with an intention to work on platforms like Nintendo Switch and Steam in the future. Porting a game may take additional time so we expect to reach a maximum amount of users on current platforms for now.

Q: What is the Gameplay length of Restless Hero game?

A: The story takes around 4-6 hours to complete. All of the levels may be replayed in a search for missed items or farming for upgrades. The different story ending may be achieved by replaying levels with crucial dialogs that give a player an additional motivation for exploring the game more.